Palle Ellemann – How to be a great company in any country or economy

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Palle Elleman (LinkedIn profile) is Managing Director of the Great Place to Work Institute Europe, a company that helps organizations increase employee engagement and productivity through assessing and improving the quality of the workplace. This is the company that does the research underlying the famous “Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For” list along with similar studies in more than 30 other countries. Palle shares insights gained from his experience studying employee engagement and satisfaction across dozens of countries, drawing on more than 10 years of empirical research data to back up his observations. He emphasizes the universal role trust, pride, and camaraderie play in creating great workplaces. But he also notes that how these are established can vary across countries and discusses how their relative importance may change as the economy shifts.

If you are interested in building a great workplace no matter where or when you work, then you will want to listen to the insights shared by Palle Ellement, this week on People Performance Radio.

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