Paul Falcone – Good ways for dealing with bad performance

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Paul Falcone (profile) is VP of Human Resources for Nickelodeon and author of several best-selling books on talent management including “101 tough conversations to have with employees: a manager’s guide to addressing performance, conduct, and discipline challenges”. Paul shares techniques for dealing with difficult performance issues in ways that increase the chance of turning around underperforming employees while simultaneously decreasing the potential of putting a company at legal risk due to making inappropriate or questionable termination decisions. Providing stories and methods rooted in extensive applied experience dealing with the good, the bad, and the ugly of talent management, Paul offers up rich information about how to deal with even the most troublesome performance issues.

Wisdom from 20 years of HR experience distilled into a 20 minute interview. If you crave this sort of high grade talent management information then do yourself a favor and listen to Paul Falcone this week on People Performance Radio.

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