Dr. Charles Handler, Rocket Hire – What’s next in staffing and employee selection

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Dr. Charles Handler, founder and President of Rocket Hire shares insights into the next wave of tools designed to improve the accuracy of staffing decisions.   Dr. Handler points out that the fundamental design of most staffing assessments has not changed much in the past 5 years, but increase access to data about candidate attributes and employee performance is leading to more use of statistical techniques to guide recruiting and hiring decisions.   He also shares examples of staffing and selection processes that are in place now that simply did not exist a few years ago.

Are you  interested in keeping up with advances in empirically based analytical staffing methods?   If your answer is “yes” then do yourself and favor and listen to Dr. Charles Handler – this week on Business Execution Radio.

Do you have what it takes to lead?  Are you sure?   Make sure you’ve got what it takes to be a fully effective leader by listening to Dr. Charles Handler – this week on Business Execution Radio.

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