Eric Lesser – Great talent management for a lousy economy

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Eric Lesser (profile) is an Associate Partner at IBM Global Business Services. Eric shares results from a recent study examining how company’s can effectively manage talent in a poor economy. He provides examples from current and past companies that have not only weathered, but actually prospered during economic downturns. Key findings include the need to more effectively manage workforce expertise, using technology to promote more efficient collaboration and knowledge sharing, and using analytics to ensure maximize the effective utilization of talent resources. While companies in down economy often need to reduce human capital costs in certain areas, they must also strategically investing in other areas to ensure sustained survival and long-term profitability.

If you want to cut costs without cutting profits, check out Eric Lesser this week on People Performance Radio.

One thought on “Eric Lesser – Great talent management for a lousy economy

  1. Analytics is definitely the key for companies seeking to foster the most out of their employees abilities. IBM is, indeed, a great example of this. From a disburser of hardware to a disburser of ideas, they’ve definitely done it. They went through some hard times, but they made it through.

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