Marc Demerest – Leading knowledge intensive organizations under duress

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Marc Demerest is CEO and Principal of Noumenal Inc., an international management consultancy providing strategic and operational consulting services primarily in the information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology and energy markets. Marc explains the unique challenges associated with leading organizations that provide complex, technology enabled solutions to customers. Being successful in knowledge intensive markets requires the confidence and commitment of employees possessing scarce and critical intellectual capital. Leaders in these markets often make fundamental errors when their organizations encounter duress, whether it is stalled growth, market contraction, disruptive change, poor productivity, or simply not executing to plan.

Learn how to get the most from your intellectual capital and avoid errors such as the point & preach dysfunction, they are me fallacy, spin city problem, Chappaquiddick syndrome, or plethora of avenues. Effective methods for managing duress:  this week on Business Execution Radio.

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