Todd Raphael- ERE Media: Four changes transforming how companies recruit talent

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Todd Raphael is chief Editor in Chief at ERE Media, a leading provider of information on talent acquisition and recruiting.  Todd discusses what companies are doingto build the workforces required to support their business strategies, and explains four issues that are driving major changes in the world of recruiting:

·         The rise of social media.  Social media allows companies to fulfill the vision of maintaining external candidate pools.  But it poses challenges on how to differentiate your company’s message from the large amount of job information bombarding candidates.

·         Growing use of contingent workers.  Contingent and temporary workers have become a significant portion of many company’s workforce.  This poses challenges around how to effectively select and retain employees “who aren’t actually employees”.

·         The aging workforce.  We still aren’t getting any younger.  Companies have known about the aging workforce for more than a decade, but now that they are starting to retire companies are grappling with what it means to lose large numbers of your most skilled employees.

·         Greater need for skills translation.  As the economy shifts we are seeing surpluses of workers in certain sectors (e.g., construction) and shortages in others (e.g., healthcare).  Leading companies are finding ways to transition candidates from one sector of the economy to another.

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